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Check Out That Rattle Or Buzz With A Guitar Problems System

Sometimes your guitar will start playing different. It may not be a major problem but something is not quite right with it. Perhaps it has a small buzz or rattle. You know something does not feel right but the problem is so small it is hard to figure out just what the problem is. You need a system to try to figure out what your guitar problems may be.

Almost any major problem should be taken to a professional guitar repairman. They have the tools and the knowledge to fix problems that most people would have a hard time doing at home. You can often find small guitar problems by starting at one end and working your way to the other. This article will look at a few parts of the guitar and how they may give you problems.

Start at your tuning keys and check to make sure they are tight. If the screws are loose or missing the tuning keys may move slightly and cause you to have problems keeping your guitar in tune. Make sure they are turn smoothly and are not too tight or too loose. You may want to replace your tuners with a better set if you are having any problems keeping your guitar in tune.

You may want to turn your attention to the nut at the top of your fingerboard next. Take a look and see if the strings are sitting in the groves. They should all be about the same height and there should not be any part of the nut broken off. Sometimes a string may shift slightly out of the nut and cause a buzz or rattle when you play.

Take a look at the fingerboard and frets next. The fingerboard should not show any severe signs of wear or uneven spots. There may be some normal wear in this area but you should be fine here as long as you do not spot any extreme wear.

The frets are another story as they will wear and cause you all kinds of playing problems. Look for any uneven wear or sharp edges. A fret job is really a job for a guitar repair professional and is not something the average player will want to take on.

Take a look at the bridge and see if everything looks all right. You want to check for gaps between the top of the guitar and the bottom of the bridge. Make sure you do not see any cracks in the wood and the saddle is sitting in the bridge straight. Once again if you need the bridge worked on it is usually best to leave this to a pro.

By taking a look at the different parts of your guitar you may just find your guitar problems. If everything looks fine but you still have that buzz or rattle take your guitar into someone you trust to give it a better look.

Thank you to Douglas Taylor

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