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Easy guitar songs to learn

I am going to give you some tips on how to find an easy guitar song to learn there are many places to look, some better than others and some songs easier than others. However, I will try and point you in the right direction and maybe give you the edge on everyone else. When it comes to learning guitar there are websites and books on what's good and what's bad. My opinion is to find what you like and stick with it there's no point in finding an easy guitar song to learn that you hate.

For starters I will give you tips and ideas of what to look for in an easy guitar song to learn when you are first starting out.

Start small

There are so many places to look for easy guitar song to learn but the best place to start is in a basic music book. The front of the book will generally have many easy guitar songs to learn and you can work your way through them at your own pace. Music books also contain basic riffs and chords and will walk you through the learning process step by step.

Work your way up

When an easy guitar song to learn has been mastered, try something a little more advanced. If you slowly work your way up through the levels you will find your knowledge and guitar skills will improve immensely. If by now you can read music confidently and have successfully found an easy guitar song to learn then you can do a little research and find a few more advanced songs on the internet. Playing by ear is not the best way to learn music on the guitar.

Now you feel confident

Now do you feel like you are ready to try something new? There are many different of audio files on the internet and it can be heaps of fun to try replicate, the many easy guitar songs to learn that you have found. Playing by ear requires concentration and a good ear for music, once you mastered this you will be well on you way to becoming an advance guitar student.

Never give up

By now you will have realized there are plenty of easy guitar songs to learn and they are widely available and most of the time they are available at no cost you. Always keep practicing as you can never do too much!

I hope I have helped you find some easy guitar songs to learn and that you will continue to play and enjoy your guitar as much as I enjoy mine.

Thank you to Frame Ahmed

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