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Learn To Play Guitar Fast

Several novice guitarists out there impatiently want to learn to play the guitar effortlessly. Regardless, many have a somewhat vague conception about what this really means. Lets see if we can clear up some of this misconceptions about playing fast, assert various fundamental rules about learning to play the guitar fast and at the same time provide you with some comprehensive ideas about the way this style of playing ought be used.

Playing the Guitar Fast and It's Misconceptions

In spite of this increasing obsession regarding playing fast, speed by itself is really not pertinent. Despite that, speed is definitely a good thing when used in the context of good music and with taste.There are additional misconceptions about speed that in order to learn to play guitar fast you need to practice fast. It is in actuality correct that at some level you will want to practice fast. Still, the first undertaking is to develop various techniques before you can work on playing fast. Step by step is really the only way to learn these techniques and this needs to be done slowly.

The Key Question - How Do You Learn To Play Guitar Fast?

One important factor to playing fast is you must think before you play. A well-known guitar teacher, Aaron Shearer, promoted the "aim directed movement", which means you need to know exactly where your fingers have to go before you move them there. This can only be achieved by slow practice.

Another important factor is developing your finger strength. You need to practice not only flexing the finger, but extending it as well. We have used our hands to grab and hold things since birth, thus developing our flexors. It's important to train your extensors in order to learn to play guitar fast. Practicing Rasgueados is a great way to do this.

Building body energy will help you hold out during the fast playing periods by practicing speed bursts. With a speed burst you need to take small pieces of a scale and play it backwards and forwards using the eighth note as the rhythmic value for every note. Using the sixteenth note instead, play the same part of the scale backwards and forwards without stopping. Consequently you can isolate the problems in playing a scale, such as string crossings or shifts.

Using The Speed the Right Way

Pumping Nylon, a book by Scott Tennant, has a great statement about speed. Scott states when you are looking at a good piece of music, you'll note that the Fast-playing parts only last for a couple of measures. Although knowing your scales and being able to play them quickly is always a good thing, it's not essential to use this speed for long periods of time.

You will find many articles online that will help you to learn to play guitar fast. Just don't expect this to come too easily. You will definitely find there is a lot of work involved. The best way to get started is to learn about the various strategies you'll need to develop your finger strength, speed bursts and Rasqueados.

Thank you to Carlie Edwards

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