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Andres Segovia

Andres Torres Segovia, marques de Salobrena (21 February 1893 – 3 June 1987) was a Spanish classical guitarist, and later nobleman, born in Linares, Spain who is considered to be the father of the modern classical guitar movement by most modern music scholars. Segovia claimed that he "rescued the guitar from the hands of flamenco Gypsies", and he built up a classical repertoire to give it a place in concert halls.

In recognition of his contributions to music and the arts, Segovia was ennobled on 24 June 1981 by the King of Spain (S.M. el rey Juan Carlos), who elevated Segovia into the first hereditary marquess of Salobre?a. He became formally styled as "El se?or don Andr?s Torres Segovia, marqu?s de Salobre?a" (i.e., the Most Illustrious Lord The Marquess of Salobre?a). He was granted the following coat of arms: "en campo de azur sobre ondas de azur y plata, unas rocas de su color, sumadas de una torre donjonada de oro, aclarada de azur" (i.e., a field of azur on waves of azur and silver, rocks of the same color, plus a gold dungeon tower, with azur highlights)


Segovia had many students throughout his career, including some famous guitarists such as:

* John Williams
* Eliot Fisk
* Julian Bream
* Oscar Ghiglia
* Charlie Byrd
* Christopher Parkening
* Michael Lorimer
* Alirio Diaz

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