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Earl Klugh

Earl Klugh (born September 16, 1953 in Detroit, Michigan) is an American smooth jazz/jazz fusion guitarist and composer. Klugh normally finger picks a nylon string classical guitar.

At the age of 13, Klugh was captivated by the guitar playing of Chet Atkins when he made an appearance on the Perry Como Show. He has since been a guest on several Atkins albums. Atkins, reciprocating as well, joined Earl on his Magic In Your Eyes album. Klugh was also influenced by Bob James, Ray Parker, Wes Montgomery and Laurindo Almeida. His sound is a blend of these jazz, pop and rhythm and blues influences, forming a potpourri of sweet contemporary music original to only him.

Klugh became a guitar instructor at the young age of 15, and was eventually discovered by Yuseff Lateef. His career rapidly progressed to working with the likes of George Benson, George Shearing, Chick Corea, and many others.

For their album One on One, Klugh and Bob James received a Grammy award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance of 1981. He has since received 13 Grammy nods, millions of record and CD sales, and continues touring worldwide to this day.

Discography (incomplete)

* 1976: Earl Klugh
* 1976: Living Inside Your Love
* 1977: Finger Painting
* 1978: Magic In Your Eyes
* 1979: Heartstring
* 1979: Hotel California - Super Guitar Duo (with Hiroki Miyanow)
* 1979: One on One (with Bob James)
* 1980: Dream Come True
* 1980: Late Night Guitar
* 1981: Crazy for You
* 1982: Two of a Kind (with Bob James)
* 1982: How to Beat the High Cost of Living (with Hubert Laws)
* 1983: Low Ride
* 1984: Wishful Thinking
* 1985: Night Songs
* 1985: Soda Fountain Shuffle
* 1987: Collaboration (with George Benson)
* 1987: Life Stories
* 1989: Solo Guitar
* 1989: Whispers and Promises
* 1991: Midnight in San Juan
* 1991: The Best of Earl Klugh, Vol. 1
* 1991: The Earl Klugh Trio, Vol. 1
* 1992: Cool (with Bob James)
* 1992: The Best of Earl Klugh, Vol. 2
* 1993: Ballads: Earl Klugh
* 1993: Dream Come True
* 1993: Sounds and Visions, Vol. 2
* 1994: Move
* 1996: Love Songs
* 1996: Sudden Burst of Energy
* 1997: The Journey
* 1998: The Best of Earl Klugh
* 1999: Late Night Guitar
* 1999: Peculiar Situation
* 2001: The Jazz Channel Present Earl Klugh (DVD)
* 2003: The Essential Earl Klugh
* 2005: Naked Guitar
* 2006: Music for Lovers

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