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Wah-wah pedal

An effect that gives the instrument an almost vocal effect, familiar as the wah-wah pedal. Examples include: "White Room" by Cream, used by Eric Clapton. Also popular in funk and psychedelic rock, i.e. Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd.

A Wah-wah pedal is a foot-operated pedal, technically a kind of band-pass filter, which allows only a small portion of the incoming signal's frequencies to pass. Rocking the pedal back and forth alternately allows lower and higher frequencies to pass through, the effect being similar to a person saying "wah". The wah-wah pedal, used with guitar, is most associated with 1960s psychedelic rock and 1970s funk. During this period wah-wah pedals often incorporated a fuzzbox to process the sound before the wah-wah circuit, the combination producing a dramatic effect known as fuzz-wah.

Some wah-wah pedals include:

* Dunlop Cry Baby (repeatedly stated as being used by the late Jimi Hendrix, which is not entirely true. Jimi used VOX and Cry Baby wah-wah pedals but mostly used a VOX V848 Clyde McCoy Wah Wah which can be heard on Voodoo Child(Slight Return))
* VOX V847 Wah Wah

Auto-Wah / Envelope Filter

An Auto-Wah is a Wah-wah pedal without a rocker pedal, controlled instead by the dynamic envelope of the signal. An auto-wah, also called more technically an envelope filter, uses the level of the guitar signal to control the wah filter position, so that as a note is played, it automatically starts with the sound of a wah-wah pedal pulled back, and then quickly changes to the sound of a wah-wah pedal pushed forward, or the reverse movement depending on the settings. Controls include wah-wah pedal direction and input level sensitivity. This is an EQ-related effect and can be placed before preamp distortion or before power-tube distortion with natural sounding results. Auto-Wah pedals include:

* Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron
* MXR Auto Q

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