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Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel, (born May 31, 1955) is an Australian guitarist, best known for his fingerpicking style. Throughout his career he has played with many notable artists including: Chet Atkins, Sir George Martin, Air Supply and John Denver.

Tommy is noted for his powerful, energetic performances and lightheartedness on stage. He interacts with the audience, sometimes telling old jokes, and in a recent concert he allowed a man to propose to his wife-to-be on stage. His performances are seemingly effortless; he shows visible appreciation for the music he plays and he seem to enjoy every performance as much as the last. He stated recently that he has no set list, and that he plays whichever songs seem right at the time.

He is also well known to integrate unusual quirks into his playing, such as playing phrases suddenly with just his left hand, striking the guitar in rhythm like a drummer would play a fill, and numerous others, often accompanied by a humorous facial expression.

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