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Jackson Dinky

Jackson Dinky is a Superstrat-style double cutaway electric guitar built by Jackson Guitars. Usually fitted with a two humbucker pickup configuration, some models also include single coil pickups or (and) just one bridge humbucker. The fretboard can be made out of ebony, rosewood and more recently maple, with 24 jumbo frets and is always built with a bolt-on neck. Most of the guitars have a Floyd Rose original or licensed tremolo, and a locking nut to help maintain intonation. Some Dinkys have hardtail bridges. The Jackson Dinky is usually preferred by players of hard rock and heavy metal, however, the Dinky is versatile for all styles. Some boast a pre-amp that makes the pickups hotter, giving a heavy palm mute, and a clean tone.

Dinkys have a variety of woods used for the bodies, including basswood, alder and Indian cedro with flame or quilted maple top on the higher end models. Many Jackson Dinky's have EMG pickups which give it a powerful tone that is required for heavy metal music. The low end models have passive pickups, such as the EMG-HZ, while the American made models have active pickups such as EMG 81 and 85. Mid-range Dinkys sport Seymour Duncan pickups, low-mid sport Duncan Designed pickups, with the entry-levels feature Jackson's own pickups.

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