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Learn Basic Guitar

by Joel Harvey

If you are seeking to learn how to play the guitar most guitar products currently on the market are very good. They have the right tools to make anyone who has fingers a good guitar player. What can be worrying about some of these guitar courses are the claims that are made by the publishers. You need to be wary of being scammed by these so called guitar experts. The guitar takes time and effort to master and you will need to have the time to practice and stick with it. I would suggest using one of the many e-programmes which adorn the internet choosing carefully anything. A good guide should show you the options and ask why you want to play the guitar and what type of guitar if you do. There are many types of guitar and it is easy to get sidelined into a guitar which isn't what you want. You need to identify what type of music you want to play as this will also guide you in the right direction.

Acoustic Guitar An acoustic guitar is a great place to start with guitar chords though I wouldn't part with more than $150 for one until you know the guitar is for you. Guitar chords are great for singing to and provide the rythum to many contemporary songs. The acoustic is a folk music favourite and is used by some blues players to get that boomy earthy resonance. Country music wouldn't be country without the acoustic guitars with their steel construct and huge sound boxes. Lead Guitar A lead electric guitar is a completely different beast and will require an amplifier and a power source. If it's a lead guitar you want I would again not pay much more than I would for an acoustic guitar to start. I would suggest a starter pack where you get everything IE guitar amp, guitar tuner, plectrums, guitar leads etc. With the lead guitar you will need to learn scales together with the position of each note on the guitar fret board (neck part). So if it's the lead guitar for you go for a course that takes you through scale progression and scale exercises. An alternative to this is learning what is called guitar tablature or tab. This is a simplified guide of scales and amounts to the same of learning and practice. Instead of naming the notes it uses a 1, 2, 3 code showing a basic picture of a guitar fret board etc. Most rock and roll songs, heavy rock and contemporary music uses lead guitar. Also the lead electric guitar is mainstream for jazz and blues. Spanish/Classical Guitar

Spanish guitar and classical guitar playing is something you can go to college and learn. I strongly suggest that you enrol in a full time or part time course or pay a private tutor if this is where you want to go with the guitar. Spanish and classical guitar is very beautiful though if you like rock n' roll you would probably rather die than be subjected to it. Conclusion

The main thing to consider is - how much time have you got? It takes time to learn to play the guitar. Will your guitar be another e-bay statistic or is your quest to learn the guitar going to make you the next Stevie Vai?

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