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Learn To Play Rock Guitar - Discover The Steps

by Chris Johnson

Rock music was probably the greatest thing that allowed the guitar to become so popular. The high energy expressive sound that the guitar makes when playing rock music is unlike any other.!

We all have the desire to just pick up an electric guitar and blast out one of the well known riffs like Deep Purple's "Smoke On The Water".

Accomplishment and experience comes after getting the basics right as it is with a lot of things in life. Getting the basics right comes from regular and diligent practice. Your heroes didn't just pick up a guitar and create an album. In fact some of them have received a lot of formal musical training and even have University Degrees in Music. The point is, be prepared to put in regular practice and you will be rewarded.

There are many sources to turn to for instruction. Unfortunately there are also a lot of scams around with regard to Learning How To Play Rock Guitar. They are not just confined to the internet either. Some tutors with little experience are passing themselves off as qualified instructors. There are also very overpriced courses sold on the internet. But there are also some excellent Rock Guitar Courses for those learning, that utilize video technology and high quality audio so you can faithfully reproduce what your tutor plays.

There are 3 main steps in being able to proficiently play rock guitar. Obviously the basics come first.

For instance, your fingers need to build up resistance to the feel of the steel strings. The tiny muscles need to be taught where they have to move in playing one chord to another. Finger joints need to become flexible to allow periods of play without pain. This begins with slow methodical movements as you play each chord with a clean sound.

When you first start, your guitar will most likely make a fuzzy distorted sound if the strings are not held tight enough across the frets. At first it will hurt to keep enough pressure on the one spot for too long. Stop frequently, and stretch your fingers and hands to keep them supple in the early stages. You will know when you are able to play for longer periods.

There is a difference between acoustic and rock guitars. Rock guitars are electric and need amplification in most cases. Playing rock music also means you need to know the power chords. Techniques such as string bending, sliding, and hammer-ons will need to be mastered and then you can play some pretty good rock solos.!

So as mentioned before, set yourself some scheduled practice time and stick to it. Don't worry if it doesn't sound too great at first. As long as you are enjoying it it will happen sooner than you think. Make sure your instructor has experience in the rock style. Below is one such person who has live band experience.

Now you know what is expected, it is time to begin with some basic chords and before long even your first riff..!!

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