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G3 _ Live in Concert

G3: Live in Concert is a live album and DVD by the G3 project, led by Joe Satriani. It was released in 1997 by Epic Records. This lineup of G3 includes Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and Steve Vai. In 2005, a DVD of this concert was also released.

G3 _ Live in Concert part 1

Track listing

Joe Satriani
"Cool #9"
"Flying in a Blue Dream"
"Summer Song"

Eric Johnson
"12 to 12 Vibe"

Steve Vai

G3 _ Live in Concert part 2

Track listing

Steve Vai
"Segueway Jam Piece"
"For the Love of God"
"The Attitude Song"

The G3 Jam
"Going Down"
"My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama"
"Red House"


Joe Satriani
Joe Satriani – Guitar, vocals
Stuart Hamm – Bass
Jeff Campitelli – Drums

Steve Vai
Steve Vai – Lead guitar
Mike Keneally – Rhythm guitar, sitar, keyboards, vocals
Philip Bynoe – Bass and percussion
Mike Mangini – Drums and Percussion

Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson – Guitar, vocals
Roscoe Beck – Bass
Stephen Barber – Keyboards
Brannen Temple – Drums

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