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Pinched Harmonics _ Guitar lessons

This is a difficult technique to master and will take you some time before you can play it on demand. Like the artificial harmonic it allows a harmonic to be played on a fretted note.

When carrying out this technique what you are trying to achieve is to pick the string as usual with the plectrum, but then hit the strings with your thumb almost simultaneously. For this the plectrum is usually held so that only a small proportion of it is sticking out from beneath your finger and thumb. The string is fretted, the plectrum is used to pick the note and then the thumb hits the string soon after.

Pinched Harmonics _ Guitar lessons

Please note that the thumb only momentarily makes contact with the strings. Also it is vital to note that the position where you pick the strings matters. There are locations along the string often referred to as 'sweet spots' and the string must be picked here. If you fail to do so the harmonic will not sound.

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