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3 Steps To Rock n Roll Heaven

Learn To Play Rock Guitar - 3 Steps To Rock n Roll Heaven
by Jeremy Glass

Here's a question...

What's the most fun you can have with a block of wood strips and bits of metal and a whole load of electricity...

Playing Rock Guitar, of course!!!

So come on let's 'Turn on'; 'Tune in' and Turn that volume right up!...

Ok, let's first define what we mean by 'Rock guitar'...If you want to get to grips with rock n roll guitar you could do a lot worse than listening to the the 'Daddy' himself ...Chuck Berry...About 99 percent of all rock guitar playing involves what is known as rhythm. Listening to as much early rock n roll music as possible, particularly 'Chuck Berry',the early 'Beatles'; 'Rolling Stones'; 'The Who' and the 'Beach Boys' and similar bands of that era who based their sound on solid chord based rhythm guitar...and, whilst the "Gramophone" is on, you can add 'Hendrix, 'Jimmy Page' and 'Eric Clapton' to your must listen to list

3 Steps to Rock 'n' Roll Heaven

Step one:

Assuming you have already bought your guitar...you are going to need to learn the basics of your instrument ( if you are not exactly a beginner you can skip this step)...If your teacher is worth their salt they will be teaching you the basic fundamentals of your guitar they should be introducing you to reading guitar tablature and chord charts which makes reading guitar music simple and fun because you get to see results right away...

Step Two:

The next step in your quest for Rock Guitar greatness is to learn various tips and tricks that will enable you make your instrument talk sing, spit...and even...Weep!.

Learning these techniques form the building blocks to playing rock guitar such as sliding, string-bending, pull-offs, vibrato and hammer-ons these will enable you to put power and passion and expression in to your guitar playing...you will also learn about the various scales and modes, such as the 'pentatonic scale' which will let you create your own solos, in time

Step 3:

As I said at the start of this article rock music is mostly about a driving rhythm...So one of the essential ingredients are what are known as power chords(easy to learn, one and two finger chord structures) that when distorted take your guitar playing to rock heaven!)

In fact, you only need to learn three chords ...many a rock band have built stadium filling careers out just three simple chord progressions!!!

...For Those About To Rock...We Salute You! (ACDC)

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