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Guitar Amps - Many Options And Details

by Dan Wright

The guitar is among the most widely revered musical instruments today. Whether you attribute its widespread popularity to the affection women seem to feel for guitarists or some other consideration, the guitar is a fashionable instrument. There are a multitude of musical bands on the planet playing rock, heavy metal, and many other musical styles. But most have one thing in common and that is the use of guitars.

Bass guitars, acoustic guitars and electronic guitars are among the numerous types of guitars. Each has its own unique qualities. An acoustic guitar, for example, requires no amplifier but an amplifier is absolutely necessary with an electric guitar. It is needed to enhance the sound of the guitar. That is why it is called an amplifier.

There are many types of guitar amplifiers or "guitar amps" as they are popularly known among musicians. Some of them have built-in processors while others are simple amplifiers. Some amplifiers have very high output whereas others have low output. With different genres of music (e.g., rock, pop, heavy metal, alternative rock, punk, classical, etc), the need for different types of amplifiers for guitars arises.

Some musical compositions require high treble sounds. For them, the use of conventional guitar amps is suggested. However, if a guitarist plays heavy solos pertaining to rock genre, then he must use heavy amplifiers which have built-in distortion effects and microprocessors for producing different types of sounds. That's just one example of a music genre for which a different type of amplifier is used.

There are a wide variety of guitar amps on the market these days to match the equally large selection of electric guitars available. The amplifier you purchase depends on the style and quality of music you'd like to play. Also be sure that when picking an amplifier for a bass guitar, you choose a bass amplifier.

Selection of guitar amplifiers ceases to be a difficult affair if you know exactly what you want. It is advisable to buy amplifiers of those brands which are established ones. If you have to play the guitar indoor, then you should opt for a 40-watt amplifier. However, if you have to play outdoor then you should buy high-output guitar amps. If you carefully consider your guitar, playing style/genre, and usual venue, you will then be able to select the most appropriate guitar amplifier for your own individual needs. Rock on!

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