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Learn To Play Lead Guitar With 6 Secret Tips

By: Louise Nova
If you want to learn to play lead guitar then you already know it is a combination of theory, technique, and natural talent. Everyone wants to be the best lead guitarist they can be. Everyone knows that you have to address the basics such as reading music and listening to music but most don't think about the really important things that will set you apart from other people who want to also learn.

There are six important tips that you will want to remember.

- Technique
- Position
- Hand Position
- Attitude
- Discipline
- Leadership Skills

Technique, of course, is one of the key elements you must address when you learn any instrument but especially the guitar. It is really important to get a good teacher to teach you the technique skills and to help you to perfect them. Many famous, and not so famous, lead guitarists will tell you they never stop learning, never stop practicing and never stop perfecting their style. Performing with a guitar is an expression of your talent, you need to practice and perfect your craft.

Most people don't realize that when you first start out learning it is helpful to practice sitting down. This gives you much more control over your instrument and allows you to concentrate on the actual music you are practicing. This might be difficult for some but whether you decide to sit or to remain standing you must always remember to have both feet flat on the ground and to sit with your back straight. This will help you to avoid back strain or injury.

Hand Position
When you are learning you will soon realize that one of the most important things you will learn is how to position your hands. If you start from the beginning with the correct hand positions you will find it much easier later to move through the different chords with ease. It also lets you react quickly if one of your fellow musicians has a problem and makes a mistake. At first it will seem very difficult especially if you have been using incorrect hand positions in the past. Stick with it, practice hand positions regularly, it will pay off in the end when you sound professional.

Attitude, and by this we don't mean having a bad attitude, is a very important thing to pay attention to. Attitude affects your body language and this is important. Attitude and body language go together to give you the confidence you will need to perform as a lead guitarist. Watch successful lead guitarists and see how they always look so much more confident than their back-up guitarists. That's attitude!

When you first learn to play lead guitar it is easy to be disciplined. Your initial enthusiasm makes it easy to be able to spend hours trying new music and techniques. As you improve it is easy to settle in to a level that is good but maybe not excellent. It takes discipline to maintain a level of practice that will constantly improve your skills. Discipline is what separates an average guitarist from a brilliant one. One good tip is to write out a program and set a schedule with small goals along the way to keep you motivated and on track.

Leadership skills
Leadership skills are important to have if you want to be the one playing the lead. You will be the one people look to for guidance, you will be responsible for all the musicians in the group. You need to be able to pay attention to what everyone is playing and be able to cover mistakes that may happen during a song. This may take a while to get really good at but you should always be training yourself. Try to listen while you are playing and you will improve. This skill will grow if you start right from the beginning when you learn to play lead guitar.

Learn To Play Lead Guitar With 6 Secret Tips

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