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Playing Guitar for the First Time

by Alfred
Had an inspiration from your favourite song? Well, it is time to fuel your new found
passion. Most people started picking up guitars this way. Now you can too. With these
few tips, you can have a great headstart.

1. You Do Not Necessarily Have to Learn Music Theories Did you know of this? It is no
shortcut either. There is a system popularized by Internet guitar players all over the
world. It is called guitar tabs. A guitar tab is the equivalent of a musical sheet. Just, a
guitar tab (from a song) is transcribed or written by people and submitted to a site like
ultimate-guitar.com. Tab is a very simple system that can be read by anyone, even

2. First Time is the Hardest, if You can Get a Teacher, by All Means Do So Playing your
first few chords or verse is like learning to swim. I will admit. When I had learned by
myself through guitar tabs and free lessons online, it took quite some time (weeks).
Learning from a teacher accelerates your learning curve a lot. As much as five fold. If
not, by all means you can learn by yourself. A site like justinguitar.com or cyberfret.com
is always a good start to learn.

3. Start from Your Favourite Song We humans learn fastest by combining positive
emotions into our daily guitar practice. Getting to play your catchy tune on your guitar is
the most satisfying feeling you will get. I swear on this. Dedicate yourself to complete
the song. On the other hand, playing and singing a song can be tough. If you can do it,
why not? Otherwise, take your time learning to strum chords(A,B,C,D,E,F,G) or pluck
notes(individual notes on guitar).

Playing Guitar for the First Time

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