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Guitar practice Tips - Here's my 'High five' to get you going!

by Jeremy Glass

Tip 1:
Break your guitar practice time into sets of 33.33 minutes! Yeah, I know what you're thinking, but trust me on this, it has been proved to be be the maximum time a human can keep peak concentration, after this time you are in to diminishing returns...

So why not adapt it to our guitar practice time? If nothing else it helps us achieve some discipline to are practice sessions.

So use a stop watch or your mobile to set each block of practice...It works!...I find that I am less inclined to make excuses, as I can always find at least half an hour a day and on some days you will have more time and inclination to do more 33.33 minutes sessions

IMPORTANT! Just make sure you take a 10 minute breaks in between them!

Tip 2:
Make sure you have a balanced guitar practice diet!
I would advise you to use each block of time on just one area per session ie scales for one 33.33 session and then arpeggios for another 33.33 session...And say chords for another and so on...Oh and don't forget your own play time too!

Tip 3:
Take things slow when learning a new song, scale or chord progression take your time and make sure you get it right...Speed will come my friend! It is far better to get it correct in the first place.

Tip 4:
Get together with friends or other guitar players and jam...Your practice time will be far more fun when you get together with like minded musicians, What? got no guitar playing friends!...well join a local guitar club or even start your own who knows where things will lead...

Tip 5:
Get a good teacher that can set you nice fun guitar practice sessions or join online forums ...there are plenty of good folks out on the 'net' that are more than willing to share there guitar practice tips etc

Most of all enjoy what you do set goals and keep a vision of your guitar playing future!

Guitar practice Tips - Here's my 'High five' to get you going!

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