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Epiphone Casino

The Epiphone Casino is a thinline hollow body electric guitar manufactured by Epiphone, a branch of Gibson. It is the base of the Gibson ES-330 and is traditionally regarded as a budget version of this guitar, even though it is the original version. However, the guitar's association with guitarists such as John Lennon and Noel Gallagher has caused the popularity of the Casino to rise and it is now considered a classic in its own right.

The Casino is a hollow-bodied guitar with two Gibson P-90 pick-ups, it is known for its heavy sound which makes it an ideal rhythm guitar. The sound of the Casino is generally thinner and more trebly than a guitar equipped with humbuckers such as the Gibson ES-335 which is the semi-acoustic of choice for many lead (as well as rhythm) guitarists. Due to its hollow body design, it is much more prone to feedback than semi-acoustic or solid-body electrics. While previous versions of the Casino had a spruce top, current versions have a laminated maple top, sides, and back, and a mahogany neck.

Paul Weller, Tom Petty, Noel Gallagher, Daniel Kessler and The Edge have played Casino guitars

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