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Online guitar lesson VDO buying guides

Guitar lesson video or learning how to play guitar from video is getting more and more popular today. Those interested to learn playing guitar can buy the guitar lesson video from the store at nearby town or download from anywhere via the internet. Guitar players now have more options to learn playing guitar compared in the past. How lucky we are?

If you are going to take up an online video guitar lesson from the internet, you will find that it's not an easytask. There are hundreds or thousands websites out there in the internet that offering online guitar lesson video and finding the high quality one would be tough especially newbies.

Here are 5 simple tips that you could use as guideline to find the best online guitar lesson video from the internet:

* Professionalism & Reputation Look at the website. Does it looks like it was designed by professional web designer? Does the website contain the picture of the guitar trainer or guitar guru that going to teach you guitar lesson? Does it recommended by others in the same industry? If the answers for those questions are YES, then you can proceed with the next item. If the answers are NO, you can just drop & forget about it.
NOTE: Click all the links in the guitar lesson video website especially the menu button (if available) and make sure that there clickable and bring you to the correct page. This is to ensure that the website is well maintain & updated. Don't be fooled by the date at the welcoming messages. The latest date you see is displayed automatically by the script not human!

* Customer Experience - Support & Response This is easy to verify. Try to send an email to the owner of the guitar lesson video website and see how long it take to reply your email. It should not take more than 24 hours to response to your request. If it does, you can forget about buying anything from this website. The good and reputable website normally provide the visitors with the FAQ (frequent ask question) and online
helpdesk that you can submit the ticket for any inquiry in addition to the email contact.

* Money Back Guarantee Money back guarantee has become the standard practice for most of the internet marketer now day. You might want to stay away from the any online video guitar lesson website that does not offer money back guarantee. If this is not enough, verify if the website owner is the member of FTA (Fair Trade Authority). To verify this is easy. Just look for the FTA logo (normally being placed at guarantee section of the website) and make sure it's clickable. Click on the logo and verify that you will be landed on FTA website with detail information about the website that you are visiting.

* Free gifts or bonuses Make sure you'll get the real exclusive bonuses when you buy online guitar lesson video from that website. Real exclusive bonuses mean the bonus that developed by the owner of the product and offer exclusively ONLY on his or her the website. If you have seen it somewhere else, it's not exclusive product anymore.

* Price Price of the product should be at reasonable level. Not too cheap and not too expensive! The recommended price range for most of the high quality online guitar lesson video is between USD35 to USD50 for an instant download version (version that you could instantly download the whole package from the
internet). If you would like to have the whole package (normally the book & video CD or DVD) ship to your home, be prepared to pay between USD250 to USD350.

* Jam track (Optional) This is optional. But if the online guitar lesson video website is offering jam track feature at no extra cost, you might want to consider this. What is "Jam Track"? Jam Track is the recorded music track of the other instrument such as drum and bass guitar that cover a wide range of musical styles such as rock, jazz, country, blues and dance. Having jam track is like having your own band. You can practice
and jam with your band at home.

When it comes to buying or choosing the online guitar lesson video or online video guitar lesson, you must remember that the website will provide you with various features and goodies. For this reason, it is a very good idea to investigate those websites by using guideline above so that you get the online video guitar lesson that is high in quality with reasonable andaffordable price.

Thank you to Bob Hug

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