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Online Guitar Lessons or Private Guitar Instructions

This is a common experience all of us - guitarists as well as wanna-be guitarists - have had when we first decided to take guitar lessons: the questions came up in our heads in a flood - who is the best teacher? Which is the best guitar? How much do I shell out for a guitar? Electric or acoustic? Rhythm or bass?

The primary question usually is 'who is going to teach me?', and this is what we will attempt to answer in this article.

Taking Your Guitar Lessons

Broadly, you have two options as far as finding a tutor is concerned. You can search for a teacher in your town or city or you can get on the Internet and search for websites that provide guitar lessons. Each of these approaches has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You need to weigh these carefully in your mind before making a decision.

Are you good at being instructed? Or do you resent authority? I know at least one person who has a problem with authority! Besides, there is the time factor; when would you be able to find time to visit a teacher for lessons? And these are not the only factors at work. For some people, a very pertinent factor is cost. Usually, it is a combination of these factors at work.

Studies are showing that while taking guitar lessons from a teacher is a good option, more and more people are taking to online learning nowadays.

Which Website Provides the Best Guitar Lessons?

The best website for everyone interested in guitar lessons is a myth; there is no such thing. Expectations may vary, and it is important that the website you choose fulfils your expectations. Another tip: never register with the first website you come across. There may be many better websites than the one you came across first. Browse through a few before deciding on a specific site.

Be clear about why you want to take guitar lessons. Is it purely for fun, or is there a career option element to the whole thing? This question, while being another basic question, is critical because it will help determine which kind of website you want to learn from - one that provides detailed lessons or one that just teaches you the fundamentals and lets you practice them.

In conclusion, you must be clear that there is no compulsion to learning online. Whatever the mode of learning you opt for, it is a choice you will have to make. Online learning, for all intents and purposes, is a trend. Do not choose it if you are not comfortable with it. The bottom line is for you to have an enjoyable learning experience while taking guitar lessons.

Thank you to Kirk Downing

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