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Ten String Guitar

The construction of guitars with more than six strings is not a new idea. From the lutes of the Renaissance and Baroque eras, to the Romantic guitars of the European 19th century, until the present, virtuosi and composers for these instruments have all been an important part of the evolution of the multi-stringed guitar. Implementation of the modern ten-string is credited to the internationally acclaimed Spanish classical guitarist, Maestro Narciso Yepes. (1927-1997). Maestro Yepes collaborated with the Spanish luthier, Jose Ramirez, for the construction of the first contemporary classical guitar adding four extra bass strings. It was premiered in 1964 with the Berlin Philharmonic with Narciso Yepes performing the Concerto de Aranjuez. Today, there are many luthiers who construct multi-string guitars worldwide. Narciso Yepes' technical innovations and development of repertoire for this instrument has propelled this instrument into the 21st Century.

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For information on the ten-string guitar, see: www.myspace.com/tenstringguitar

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A new, scholarly website about the modern 10-string guitar invented by Narciso Yepes is now available at:


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